Modifying an old Motorola S1056A to an S1059A

So I had an old S1056A portable test set for my Motorla UHF repeater that I have in service on the GMRS Band

It was just the basic model, no real fancy bells and whistles, just an ordinary test set

While browsing through EBay I had come across the S1059A version, but the meter, and the knobs were destroyed

But the Deviation, and Crystal Oscillator were both in excellent condition... So I purchased it anyways just for those two items

I received the "Parts" meter in, and started checking everything about it.... The Meter in fact was definitely not salvageable

I also checked out the circuit board inside of the unit, and found that it still had the 1.9v battery in it, But unfortunately

the battery had long since died, and leaked all over the components of the circuit board, destroying just about everything

So the main unit of the test set was a total loss (I only paid $18 for it plus $20 shipping, so I'm not too mad)

But the Deviation, and Crystal Oscillator were in perfect shape, so I removed them and started the process of installing them

into my S1056A... I pulled them out and saw that the deviation circuit needed two 6v slim batteries (12v total) to operate

Which they don't make anymore... GRRR... so I came up with this idea, using two A544 mini batteries instead of the two Obsolete ones

Below you will see the modifications that I made (Trying not to move too far from Stock as possible)... I put everything back together

It Works, I'm very pleased about it..... Enjoy

If you want you can send me an Email at n1clb at n1clb DOT com

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